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A Guide On What To Do Before And After Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal is a common procedure undertaken in cosmetic and dermatology clinics. It is a convenient way to achieve long term hair reduction. Laser hair removal saves you from the trouble of painful waxing and the mess of threading. Additionally, it makes you ever-ready for any occasion, liberating you from ugly strawberry legs.

However, laser hair removal is a long process and needs several measures to be met. Let’s understand them carefully.

What Is Laser Hair Removal & How Does It Work?

Laser hair removal is a technique that helps you get rid of unwanted hair permanently. A trained professional or dermatologist targets laser energy on the skin. This laser energy is converted to heat energy and is absorbed by melanin which damages the hair follicles (the hair-growing roots) and thus results in delayed hair growth. This subsequently leads to long term hair reduction.

The whole treatment is done over multiple sessions, and the total number of sessions depends on the average hair growth of the person.

How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal

If you are ready for laser hair removal, there are a few things that need to be considered before the procedure.

1. Shave The Area Before 24 Hours of Treatment

This will ensure that the upper hair does not come in the way of energy transfer. By doing so, you get the desired results.

2. Do not Apply Any Cream, Makeup or Deodorant on the area of the Laser Hair Removal

Applying any chemical product can have ill effects while performing the procedure. Thus, it is advised to refrain from using anything.

3. Stay Away from Sunlight Prior to 3 Days of Treatment

Sun exposure can make your skin sensitive to heat, hindering the laser hair removal procedure.

4. Avoid Self-Tanning and Possible Injuries

Self-tanners have similar effects of sun exposure. Hence, it is best advised not to use them.

5. Avoid Waxing and Threading At Least 4 Weeks Before Treatment

Waxing and threading pull the hair out from the follicles. Since laser hair removal works by targeting the hair follicles, waxing and threading hinder the laser hair removal principle.

Post-Laser Hair Removal Instructions

Moving forward, here are the things that professionals suggest after laser hair removal treatment.

1. Clean The Treated Area Gently

The treated area becomes sensitive after the procedure. Thus, please use very mild soap. Gently pat the area dry.

2. Redness And Bumps Are Normal Post Treatment

After laser hair removal, you will notice redness and bumps on the treated area. This is normal – there is nothing to worry about. Use cold compress in case of any burning sensation.

3. Avoid Using Makeup, Moisturizers, and Deodorant for The First 24-48 Hours

It is highly advocated not to use any chemical product on the treated area unless not specified by the doctor, or it may further increase the discomfort.

4. Avoid Going into Direct Sunlight

Exposure to sunlight increases the chances of tanning and pigmentation after treatment. Thus, you should avoid it and use SPF 30+ sunscreen daily.

5. Do not Wax, Thread, or Tweeze the Area After Laser Hair Removal

Waxing and threading hair are not advocated in between the laser sessions. This disrupts the whole procedure by removing the root of the new follicle.

6. Hair Regrowth Varies

Lastly, hair regrowth varies from individual to individual and is dependent on many factors.  So do not compare the growth of hair with others.

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