Advantages of medical grade silicone products

In the outpatient clinic of the hospital, we can generally see all kinds of rubber products, such as medical silicone tube, needle tube, silicone plug and silicone rope tied in our hands. At this stage, apart from drugs, it is medical equipment. Why do silicone products attract so much attention?

In fact, silicone rubber products are often widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, mainly because their own characteristics are related to structural characteristics. However, the characteristics of silica gel itself can not meet the needs of today’s medicine. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out modification materials or add some experimental reagents to change its own shortcomings, so as to achieve the application in medical treatment.

At this stage, the two most widely used raw materials are silicone rubber and polyurethane materials. Polyurethane materials have the advantages of excellent compatibility, excellent structural and mechanical properties, easy forming, production and processing, and performance controllability; silicone rubber has physiological plasticity. With the advantages of good compatibility and good compatibility, these two raw materials have been discovered in medicine for a long time, and they have been continuously concerned and scientifically researched by professionals.

Silicone rubber is based on a high content of linear polyorganochemical siloxane, plus some special ingredients, and then produced and processed according to certain processing technology regulations, to make a hydrophobic rubbery polyurethane with certain compressive strength and elongation. Elastomer.

Silicone rubber as a raw material for the pharmaceutical industry has high heat resistance, air oxidation resistance, hydrophobicity, flexibility, passability, high anti-aging clarity, physiological plasticity, non-adhesion to human cells and hemophilia, Microorganisms have a series of high-quality characteristics such as good adaptability, non-toxicity, no auspicious taste, and non-carcinogenic substances.

As a high-quality medical fiber material, silicone rubber has attracted the attention of professionals both in the field of vulcanized rubber and in the pharmaceutical industry. The reason is that, first, as a silicone medical material, its technology is high, low cost, high added value, and economic benefits are very rich; second, it uses the medical properties of silicone rubber. It can not only deal with many difficulties in the medical level, but also make the patients get satisfactory results; third, the main use of silica gel comes from the general convenience of silica gel product manufacturers’ production and fine production and processing, and has good social and economic benefits and economic benefits.

Judging from the development trend of the development, design, research and development of medical-grade silicone products, its total number and usage are gradually increasing, and its main uses are also developing. At this stage, medical silicone rubber sheets are widely used in various industries such as tummy tuck, otorhinolaryngology, cardiothoracic surgery, abdominal surgery, gastroenterology, urology, brain surgery, and plastic surgery, such as artificial skulls, artificial nose bridges, etc. Bone, gastric tube, artificial retroperitoneum, artificial hand joint, artificial skin, subcutaneous tissue expander, artificial chest, etc.

As a high-quality microbial medical fiber material, silicone rubber has received extensive attention from professionals in the field of rubber and plastic products and in the medical industry. At this stage, from the perspective of the development trend of medical silicone products and the requirements of the medical sales market, different types and technical types are expanding and improving. In the future, a large amount of funds for silicone rubber products will continue to be invested in various medical applications. Meet the requirements of different patients!

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