Are Slippers Bad for Your Feet?

Whether you just arrived from the office or work from home, putting on slippers can be an ideal way to relax. Flimsy slippers with less support can lead to corns, blisters, plantar fasciitis, and Achilles tendonitis. A foot doctor can recommend the proper slippers that will not weaken the joints or muscles of the feet. Here is more information on slippers to help you make an informed decision:

The Impact of Slippers on the Feet

The primary purpose of slippers is to keep the feet warm and comfortable, but they are not meant for regular use. Some people wear them for prolonged periods almost every day. Most slippers are not designed to offer adequate protection and support. Wearing the wrong type and size of slippers can significantly impact your gait and balance, affecting how you walk. Many people who wear slippers usually shuffle, which can result in more long-term problems over time. Slippers can affect your ankles and toes, causing discomfort. They can force your toes to curl down to grip onto the sole since they don’t have anything to keep your heel in place. 

How To Avoid Lasting Damage From Slippers

Slippers should be saved for use during occasions when you are not walking around a large amount. They are not a form of footwear for regular use when moving around the house. Most slippers pose a tripping hazard since their design lacks grip on the heel. If you insist on wearing slippers for an extended period, a foot doctor may recommend orthopedic slippers. Orthopedic slippers have sufficient grip to prevent you from tripping and slipping. If you have foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, it’s best to wear a proper shoe with an appropriate insole. Orthopedic slippers are designed for individuals who require extra care for their feet.

What To Consider When Shopping for Slippers

Avoid Slippery Soles

House slippers lack a good grip. Slippery soles increase the likelihood of losing balance on vinyl floors, wood, or tiles. Invest in slippers with non-slip soles to avoid injuries and falls.

Avoid Non-breathable Fabrics

Slippers keep the feet warm, but non-breathable fabric can trap sweat and warm air. These damp, warm environments can cause foot bacteria, odor, and fungi. Athlete’s feet can grow between the toes and spread to the bottom of the feet and toenails. Choosing breathable materials such as cotton and wool can help prevent foot problems.

Avoid Slippers That Lack Arch Support

Flimsy and flat slippers provide inadequate support and can strain the Achilles tendon. The tendon connects the heel of your foot to the calf muscle, and any straining can cause Achilles tendonitis. Such slippers can also cause plantar fasciitis, whereby the plantar fascia, a band of tissue found along the sole of your foot, gets strained. When buying slippers, consider it an investment in your foot health, not just a fashion statement. Choose slippers with well-cushioned supportive insoles to protect your foot health.

Avoid Oversized Slippers

A sign that you’re not wearing well-fitting house slippers is the appearance of calluses, blisters, and corns. When calluses or corns form on the ends of your toes, it could be due to excessive toe gripping. It shows you’re trying to keep the slippers on as you are walking. Blisters can form due to excessive rubbing and sweat on the skin. Choose supportive slippers that are closed in the back.

Book an Appointment With a Foot Doctor

A foot doctor understands the benefits of wearing supportive slippers. Supportive slippers are more comfortable, offer stability and balance, and relieve existing foot conditions. Choose an experienced doctor to get help to minimize the problem of wearing the wrong slippers

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