Best Food to cure erection

When you wander for Food that will make you a “physical devil” or help you get an erection, you will certainly come across the fruit. In this article, we will say something about the fruit that will significantly affect your erection and which will not leave you “cold,” especially if your partner tries very hard. In general, we could say about the fruit that it is beneficial for our whole organism, not just for erection. As you know, it contains vitamins and substances that enrich our body with energy and endurance.

Best Food to cure erection

Which fruit benefits the erection the most?

So which fruit contains the most of this vitamin and other substances that support your erection? It is mainly orange, peach, and grapefruit. All of them are relatively available in shops, or you can even grow some at home and have them so “natural,” without unnecessary spraying.


Peach is said to be able to arouse lust. Only when you cut it will you see a relatively interesting shape or object, which still has to arouse something in you, whether you want to or not.


When bananas are just some many associations, of course, their shape is at least “controversial.” However, they certainly have an essential composition and content that will benefit the erection. There is bufotenine, which arouses happiness in us, and this feeling explicitly overwhelms us. In that case, stress is often a thing of the past, and we look at things with foresight. Self-confidence will suddenly not be a strange thing that you did not feel before, and you should also have a lot of love energy. However, these substances have a relatively different effect on everyone and are more or less intense. You don’t just have to eat them raw.

They also retain their vitamins and substances, for which they are so important, by heat treatment. For example, this is baking in an oven with a skin, which you put down later. Or it can be a halved banana topped with caramel, whipped cream, or chocolate. Such a “bomb” can arouse many men to act and will not leave anyone just cold.

Strawberries and pineapple

Strawberries, on the other hand, contain manganese, which is important for metabolism, and pineapple is very rich in beneficial substances, but often not only men are very sensitive to it. However, from the varied offer of fruit, I guess everyone will choose their own for an even better love life or you can get some ED pills like Fildena 100 or Fildena 150 for best love life.

Blackberry jam – a miracle in a small cup

Blackberries, as well as other dark fruits – blueberries or bases, contain a large number of effective antioxidants. These antioxidants help with erections, and the erection itself occurs much faster if your body has enough. The organ is erect only when there is enough nitric oxide. This oxide can dilate blood vessels, and so the organ gets into the “right” position. However, free radicals destroy nitric oxide, which is reflected in the result itself and failure to achieve an erection. Of course, free radicals must be contained by the body, but to a “reasonable” extent.

Eat chocolate

It is said that chocolate relaxes your senses, helps you concentrate better, and most people are happier and especially calmer after eating it.  Our erection problem contains ingredients such as epicatechins or flavonoids, which naturally dilate the inner layer of the arteries. Of course, many people now think that chocolate is very necessary for them and will start eating it in large quantities.

45g of chocolate per day has a demonstrable effect, but it will be dark with a high cocoa content. Good blood vessels are definitely the basis of health and also an erection, which is very closely related to blood vessels. Chocolate is very affordable, tasty, and too good for your health. No need to hesitate, and be sure to take a Fildena 120 or Vigora 100 pill every day.

Enough vitamin C

From the composition of the fruit itself, it is necessary to highlight especially vitamin C, which some fruits actually have up to. If we go among the numbers or statistics, then we come across a value of about 200 milligrams of vitamin C, which helps to stimulate your sperm and your organs’ activity. An erection does not have to mean only an unfulfilled dream for you, but it can become a reality when consuming an adequate amount of this vitamin and especially fruit.

If the problem is really serious or you are in doubt about whether it is a severe disease, try to increase your intake of this vitamin up to 1000 mg. In the beginning, you will eat mainly fruit and replace it with everything else, but it will be reflected in the quality of your love life. You can gradually reduce this dose until you get one orange or apple a day, supplemented with a good banana or seasonal strawberries.

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