Why Kids Must Have UV Protected Sunglasses?

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Does your kid wear sunglasses while going out? Most of the parents assume that children do not actually require sunglasses. According to researchers and eye specialists, protection from HEV and UV radiations is necessary to avoid eye problems like mascular degeneration and cataracts. As compared to adults, children love to spend most of their time outside to play with their friends. Unfortunately, their eyes receive negligible eye protection. As a result, kids face severe eye-sight problems. HBX offers branded sunglasses, containing UV protection lenses and hand-made quality material to allure the finest minds. Use hbx codeto buy the premium design eyewear at affordable rates.


The human eye cannot absorb blue high energy light; therefore it causes severe damage to lens and cornea. It is necessary for kids as well as infants to protect their eyes from HEV and UV light. Even if it is a cloudy day, ask your kids to wear sunglasses as the harmful rays are capable to go through clouds. Instead of buying a cheap material, invest your money on quality sunglasses and help your dear-ones to retain lifetime quality vision.


Sunglasses Must Provide UVA & UVB Rays Protection

It is said that sunglasses must provide 99% blockage from Ultraviolet rays. UVA is kind of low energy ultraviolet rays that absorb in the skin and make it darker in color. It also brings wrinkles on the skin. These low energy rays infiltrate in eyes as well and effect on cataract development.

UVB is also ultraviolet ray that is highly powerful. Cornea protects the eyesand internal tissues from these harmful rays; however excessive exposure becomes a reason for throbbing cornea sunburn. The UVA as well as UVB rays prepare ground for eyelid cancer. It is highly recommended to purchase sunglasses for kids, having a clear label regarding UV rays blockage. Avail the hbx code and order the quality sunglasses, containing 100% protection against blue rays, UVB and UVA.’

Specifications of Kids’ Sunglasses

Frames Offer Impact Resistance

The polycarbonate is the finest type of lenses that are used for kids’ sunglasses. These lenses offer impact resistance ten times greater than ordinary sunglasses. As compared to plastic or glass lenses, these lenses are more comfortable and light in weight.


  • Well-Fitted Frames

To get maximum eye protection from dangerous sun rays as well as the debris, choose close-fitting large size frames for your kids.


  • Expandable Band

Select an elastic band to avoid damage to sunglasses. When an elastic band is attached to the frame, it maintains the frame to the head while taking part in active sports. Kids can easily put on or hang the sunglasses. For toddlers, do not use a cord or band protection as these are the choking hazards.

  • Flexible Hinges

Always make it certain that your kids have sunglasses, containing spring hinges so the eyewear cannot get damaged while playing outside.

Receive hbx code and select the polycarbonate lenses to provide excellent protection to your little-one’s eyes. Avoid sunglasses that look adorable but cause severe damage to the eyes.


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