Why a Caribbean Vet School can be the right choice?

The very first thing to ask yourself before you decide to obtain a degree from a vet school is, “Do you genuinely love animals?”. If no, then you can simply skip this blog. But if yes, this is the perfect place to satisfy your curiosity regarding the courses offered in a vet school. A relationship between humans and animals is the purest of all. As you might know, many people can be human doctors but becoming a veterinary doctor is not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes a lot of skills, knowledge, efforts, and training to become a veterinary doctor. Not only this, becoming a vet doctor demands commitment towards the profession as you will be treating animals. Hence, choose the best Caribbean vet school if you have a passion for understanding and treating animals.



Surrounded by sea, the Caribbean has many top-ranked vet schools. Some of the reputed vet schools are located in the Grand Cayman, with a pass rate of 92 per cent on the NAVLE (North American Veterinary Licensing Examination) in the last three consecutive years. The vet schools of the Caribbean contribute to your success by offering you the best quality of education. We have prepared a list of reasons why a Caribbean vet school can be the right choice. A major of it is explained below in this blog.



  1. Recognition: A few of the top-ranked vet schools in the Caribbean have an affiliate membership in the American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges. The medical qualification offered here is recognized throughout the globe.
  2. Licensing: A few of the Caribbean vet schools have got the Cayman Islands Ministry of Health Services and Agriculture license.
  3. Pass rates: It is quite difficult to crack the NAVLE. The veterinary course offered in these Caribbean vet schools helps you with its preparation. That’s why these colleges have a pass rate of 92 per cent on the NAVLE in the last three years.
  4. Seasoned tutors: Experienced faculties in these schools provide you with an insight into the courses offered here with a practical understanding of the topic. Instructors in these colleges help students become competent and caring veterinarian.
  5. Course fees: Medical education is one of the most expensive education. Only a few people can afford it without any loans or scholarships. Whereas, medical education in Caribbean vet schools is way cheaper than studying in the U.S or Canadian medical colleges.
  6. Less number of students: It is a fact that a student gets to learn more in a less crowded class. Tutors can also focus on each student if there is a fewer number of students in the classroom. This is why vet schools in the Caribbean have a seat limitation of up to 20 students in each classroom.


After studying at a renowned vet school in the Caribbean, there are several career options in which you can flourish as a veterinarian. Earning a degree from the Caribbean vet colleges can give a better monetary return. So, go ahead and apply to a vet course in a Caribbean medical school now!

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