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Aspects You Must Review to Select an Electric Toothbrush

Even today people are not so inclined to get electric toothbrush as much they incline to new smart gadgets. Basically, most think manual toothbrush is enough then why to invest in electric toothbrush, right? It is so; because electric toothbrush is far more efficient.

It is also accentuated with lots of amazing features making them most fruitful to maintain your oral health in the long run. Continue reading to know the most common features to look for while getting an electric toothbrush.

Check for the 2-minute timer

2-minutes time is given the most importance followed by quad pacer. This will trigger a vibration or sound indicating you to either stop brushing or there might be a change in brushing sensation. Every dental hygienist and dentist recommends that 2 minute is enough for brushing the teeth in each session.

Is your toothbrush included with quad pacer?

It is normal that you won’t hear of the word ‘quad pacer’ before. It refers to the time ensure that a section of the mouth receive full attention at the time of brushing. Quadrant is used to represent the mouth into four sections. Devote 30 seconds to each section while brushing. As the time goes over, the quad pacer gives an alert to shift to next section.

Once charge how long the battery will run?

Several tests have been conducted to discern the variation of battery life in the electric toothbrushes of various models. The long-lasting one ekes over 3 hours and 4 minutes while the weakest brush musters the value of 16 such brushes. But battery capacity shouldn’t be the prime factor if you act responsibly and put it on the charger to replenish the battery life when you are not using it.

Excessive pressing is notified by pressure sensor

Excessive and harsh scrubbing of the teeth for the removal of plaque proves to be counterproductive. Exertion of excessive pressure can damage the teeth. Hence, reassure that the pressure sensor of your electric toothbrush is notifying you in such case. Sometimes, it makes the brush to stop working if pressing gets too hard to bear.

In case the teeth get cracked or chipped because of pressure-inclusive brushing then damage has to be fixed by dental professionals. Dental bonding from a dental clinic in London can be the ideal solution for you at that time.

A toothbrush which both oscillates and rotates

While you are out to bring in an electric toothbrush, rotation is not sufficed at all alone. Oscillation accompanies rotation can eventually dissolve more plaque by reaching deeply into crevices making your mouth clean and free from germs.

Availability of brush head replacement

Basically electric toothbrush is available with a couple of brush heads. So, once begins to wear down the bristles you can replace it easily. New one has to be bought if your stock is over. Luckily, Philips Sonicare and Oral-B go compatible with numerous heads. Therefore, you can get them in multi-packs in order to save some money.  

Other features to look for

  • Comes in soft-grip water-resistant handle- It will give comfort and lessen the feeling of vibration.
  • Long warranty- You should always choose an electric toothbrush which is available with minimum 1 year to 3 years of warranty period.
  • Worthy for money- At same prices compare the toothbrushes available in the market in terms of the features number.
  • Easy-to-use- Complexity of use can increase with more buttons. So, pick up smartly!

Do you have extra money to invest?

If budget is not a problem for you at all then, we would like to suggest spending a little more to obtain an advanced electric toothbrush. The following top-notch features will surely be the additional perks of getting an electric toothbrush.

  • Bluetooth connection- Prepare your Smartphone and connect it with the brush for accessing several functions like remainder of brushing time, tips to improve the brushing skill and finding you at the time of brushing. You can do lots more with this facility as well.
  • UV Sanitiser- After the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone in the world is concerned of hygiene and sanitiser. This feature will at least give you peace of mind regarding cleanliness and sanitisation the brush keeping in germ-free and clean to use again.
  • Detection of position- Another cool perk of electric toothbrush is it enables you to see the mouth areas you have missed during brushing. So, you can extensively clean your mouth thoroughly enjoying fresh breath and germ-free mouth all day long.

Now, we are at the verge of this context. Hope, you understand the integrity of having an electric toothbrush especially brushing with it. It is such an option which makes you ready for the day in much less time with the incorporation of advanced technology. By this way you will be able to maintain a good oral health in the long run by removing plaque from farthest area.

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