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Helpful and Realistic Tips to Handle Dental Emergencies Confidently

You never know in advance when a dental problem is going to arrive in your life. It may come any moment and usually it comes at the most unexpected of times. As far as certain oral health issues or sustaining injury in the mouth are concerned one needs emergency dental care and treatment. Every oral health problem is not regarded as emergency, says a competent dentist in London. Severe toothache, a falling tooth, a chipped tooth and a dental crown causing pain are a few instances of serious dental problems that are unbearably painful. Yet such cases are not necessarily considered as emergencies. In the following section of the blog post let us explore on dental emergencies so that you are aware about your limits and options well in advance.

As far as dental emergency dental is concerned all such cases are not covered by every insurance plan. It is better to be certain beforehand whether your plan covers the emergency dental treatment you require.

Dental emergency and toothaches

We all are well aware that a toothache can disrupt normal life. Therefore such cases are taken seriously although those may not require emergency dental care and treatment. According to a well-known emergency dentist in Wimbledon, a toothache – however bad and painful – is the initial sign of a more serious problem related to oral health if left ignored. The problem must be looked into by a qualified professional. You should contact your dentist immediately whenever you suffer from toothache. It is up to the professional to decide whether your case is eligible for emergency dental treatment.

Introducing few common dental emergency cases

Few common cases that are usually considered as dental emergencies include the following:

  • Severe ache in the tooth
  • Knocked out tooth or teeth
  • Severe injury in the mouth
  • A dental abscess that is badly infected

But more important than listing the probable cases is to know when you need seeking emergency care and treatment. Just contact your dentist right away whenever you suffer from toothache or run into a severe injury or trauma in the mouth that include heavy bleeding, cuts, broken or missing tooth or teeth.

Now let us discuss few conditions that are known to cause unbearable pain and inconvenience yet are not considered as dental emergencies. The list includes.

  • A chipped tooth
  • Pain from dental crown
  • Filling in the tooth falling out
  • Abscess in the tooth
  • Repairing broken tooth

Such cases are usually not considered for emergency dental treatment but must be treated and care for at the earliest possible opportunity.

Some common causes for dental emergencies

There are lots of real life situations that unfortunately lead to emergency dental cases. Some of those include:

  • Partaking in sports activities particularly body contact games like football
  • Road accidents
  • Bike riding
  • Accidents at workplaces, specially at mills, factories and other manufacturing units

Children running pranks at home sustain oral injuries. Eating hard food items like any preparation of meat, nuts or hard baked cookies lead to breaking or cracking a tooth. A dental abscess if left untreated leads to deeper problem that demand emergency care and treatment.

How to assess whether a condition is a dental emergency

Every oral health issue is neither eligible nor requires for emergency care. Cases involving completely knocked out one or more teeth, an infected dental abscess or severe injury in the mouth that leads to acute pain, trauma and bleeding requires immediate intervention by qualified oral health experts.

Serious injuries to the teeth and the gums often lead to worse from bad, says a renowned Wimbledon emergency dentist. Thus it is crucial that immediate treatment and care are provided to such patients. On the other hand a minor chip in the tooth, a lost filling, a broken wire or braces are all typical situations that could be waited upon till your dentist finds a slot in his or her schedule to see you through. However it is important that you contact the experts, narrate your problem and get the necessary guidance meanwhile.

How to deal with dental emergencies?

First things first while handling a dental emergency – call your dentist without any delay. If the unwanted emergency arrived during normal business hours may be he or she will be able to attend you. Sad but true such emergencies may arrive any moment irrespective of day and time. If the problem hits beyond normal business hours you have to rush to an urgent care centre nearby. You cannot afford wasting much time on reaching the spot. The faster the treatment begins the higher are your chances of complete recovery.

Last but nevertheless the least review your existing dental insurance plan carefully to know how well you are covered for dental injuries.

What should I do with knocked out teeth before going to a dentist?

Dental traumas that involve knocked out tooth or teeth you have to see a dentist immediately. It is equally important to preserve the affected tooth or teeth as it is to free you from pain and stop bleeding. Modern dentistry has improved sufficiently to retain the affected natural tooth or teeth. Follow the steps discussed below to ensure the teeth are retained.

  • Collect the tooth or teeth and put it/those into a cup of cold milk or water.
  • Do not scrub, rub or try getting rid of the dirt and blood from it. This is because it is crucially important to keep their roots alive; else those natural teeth cannot be retained.
  • Fill up the empty socket in your jaw with a cotton ball or gauge. If none are handy insert a tea bag into the gap.
  • In case of chipped or broken teeth, collect the pieces and rinse lightly if possible.

Skilled and experienced dentists at SW19 Confidental emphasise once the steps mentioned above are done you have no time to spare to rush to a qualified oral health expert. The dentist will take care of you and make sure the tooth or teeth are retained back into the socket.

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