A Guide to Understanding Diamond Extracts

Are you new in the cannabis world? Maybe you heard that diamond extracts are the best to use. Maybe you’re wondering what they are how you can use them. We are here to help with a detailed shortlisted guide to help you understand what diamond extracts are.

CBD Diamonds: What are they?

In the cannabis industry, you see terms such as CBDA and THCA referring to the crystalline structures available in sauce extracts. Sometimes you find it isolated independently. For example, you can melt CBD diamonds you can use in skincare products but will add the terpenes to your CBD diamonds for dabbing.

The term diamonds can describe two things, which are tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) in THCA diamonds, or the second one is THCA found in terpene-rich solutions. Recently, we have seen a rise in using hemp cannabidiol producing CBD diamonds, also known as CBD crystals.

CBD diamonds are one of the purest forms you can find, but you can also find CBD diamonds in a terp sauce (terpene-rich solution).

So, where do diamonds come in when looking at cannabis extracts? The crystalline structure you find at the bottom of the sauce is diamonds. Concentration enthusiasts use it in vape cartridges loaded with terpene sauce. Sometimes it can also refer to the crystalline structure that comes to the surface after removing the terp sauce extract.

You find the product coated with residual sauce, while diamonds refer to the purest CBD form from the refined oil.

The Main Difference between the Types of Diamonds

The difference is in the way the product is extracted and processed. No matter how it is sold as CBD, THCA, or CBDA, the diamonds remain the crystalline structure remaining pure cannabinoids. Still, the size of the diamonds does not determine the quality. Still, it is influenced by factors such as moisture, chemical impurities, solvents, and temperature used in the process.

You will find the products ranging from tiny to large chunks. In addition, you also have the presence of lipids, terpenes, and sterols. These added compounds alter the crystallization, leading to unpurified end results as it disrupts the process affecting the structure. 

Diamond Mining: What is it?

The term describes how manufacturers harvest the diamonds from the sauce. To determine if the crystals can be separated from the extractions, they look at the size and consistency of the cannabinoid crystals. Thus, they can end up with a pure crystalline diamond or a terp sauce with 50% terpenes with other cannabinoid extractions.

Making CBD Crystals

CBD crystals are composted of 98% cannabidiol using different extracting and purification processes to remove the plant extracts. The end product is white powder without odor or taste. It has a pure form and has no additives such as flavonoids, THC, terpenes, or compounds.

The crystals are made by extracting oil from the hemp plant using organic solvents or carbon dioxide. As the oil is full of compounds, the next step is to purify it. They do this by filtering out all the residual plant materials. Then the extraction goes through a process known as winterization to remove other lingering products, leaving you with a pure white powder.

To get it into a solid form, it goes through different processes.

Using Diamond Crystals

CBD diamond crystals offer you the versatility to use in different ways:

  •   You can use CBD crystals in cooking to add flavor and taste. Still, the high temperatures remove the high potency of the cannabinoid. The best is to dissolve the diamonds in oil or butter to prevent this from happening. 
  •   Another great way is dabbing or vaping using the right equipment as it warms up the CBD crystals.
  •   You can mix it with beverages for a relaxing drink.
  •   Or, you can place it under your tongue and hold it there for 60 seconds before swallowing.
  •   Lastly, you can mix it with oil to use as a topical.

Final Thoughts

Diamonds are the purest form of cannabinoids that can crystalline molecules or are found in a terp sauce. We hope that the article helps you understand more about CBD crystals and how you can use them.



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