How to Use Washing Machine of Portable/ Mini Size

Washing machines have helped us a long way in making laundry a bit easier. Be it summers or winters, we don’t need to worry about laundry taking much time. Front-load and top load washing machines are what we all have heard of. But what if we say that there are portable washing machines as well! Yes! There are washing machines that come in mini sizes as well that are easily portable from one place to another. In case you are buying a new house, then shifting this portable washing machine will not be hard for you. But how to use washing machine of small size? Well, that’s a valid question, because we need to learn the ways of using a washing machine before operating it.

Well, that is why it is important to take a look at the manual that comes with the washing machine in order to learn its usage. The best thing about these mini-size machines is that they are cheaper and they do not take up much space in your house. Using a portable machine is quite simple and this guide is all about how to use washing machine of a portable size. So, let us begin by knowing various ways of using a portable machine.

How to Use a Washing Machine

Using a portable washing machine is a simple task. Just follow the steps mentioned below and you will learn how to use a washing machine. This guide is in three parts, i.e., how to load a machine, how to wash clothes in them, and how to avoid common mistakes while using a mini machine. Have a look!

METHOD 1 – How to Load the Portable Machine

Since the mini machine is small, the loads will also be small. For this, you need to read the instruction manual to know what amount of clothes it can hold. Here is how you can load your machine.

  • Most mini machines can hold up to ten pounds of clothes. Place the clothing in the washer. Before placing, make sure you separate the fabrics from the color and type of which they are made of. Liquid detergents work best with these mini machines.
  • Hook the hose to the faucet of your kitchen or washroom and turn the water on. Use a water temperature that will work best for all clothing types. Refer to the instruction manual for the same.
  • Your machine will have a line telling you how much water to fill. Make sure you do not add water up to this line. If you do, it can damage your fabrics to a great extent.
  • Plug in the washing machine and start the wash once it is loaded. Your machine must have a timer. Decide the time for the washer to wash your clothes. Make sure you switch the plug directly into the wall because mini machines do not work with extension boards and adapters.

METHOD 2 – How to Wash Clothes

A mini machine might take more loads but it is easy to wash clothes in it. Here’s how.

  • After your wash cycle is done, drain the dirty water. Use the nozzle on which drain is written.
  • Rinse the clothes again, if your mini machine does not have a rinse cycle. Every machine has a specific rinse cycle. Make sure you are using cold water to wash your clothes.
  • Since you have a portable machine, it will also have a portable dryer. Dry your clothes in the dryer and further air-dry them so that they are dried inside out.


METHOD 3 – Avoiding Common Mistakes while using the Machine

While using a washing machine, we often commit some mistakes that can damage the machine or our clothing. In such situations, we must always be well aware of how to wash clothes without damaging them or the machine. Here’s how to avoid common mistakes.

  • Read your instruction manual completely before starting your machine and washing clothes in it. Portable machines are somewhat similar to normal machines. But there are some changes in it. Thus, it is important to read the manual carefully before operating your washing machine.
  • Before washing clothes, it is important to ensure that your hands are dry. In order to plug in the machine, it is essential that your hands are dry. If they aren’t, then you might catch an electric shock! Thus, for plugging and unplugging the machine, your hands should be completely dry.
  • Our portable washing machines are incapable of washing heavy fabrics. Heavy clothes such as clothes cannot be washed in small washing machines because they are too bulky for it. For cleaning heavy coats and sweaters, you can wash them in a regular washing machine or have them dry-cleaned.
  • Finally, before doing laundry, make sure everything is in place. Make sure all the nozzles are screwed tightly. Also, be vigilant that you do not overload the machine. Fill as per the capacity of the machine.

So, these are the ways regarding how to use a washing machine. Washing machines come in various sizes and forms but reading the manual is very important before starting the machine. Use the tips mentioned above to use the washing machine and clean your clothes efficiently. Make sure your mini machine does not have much load of clothes. Try these methods and tell us about your experience.


Is a portable machine good?

Yes, portable machines are good. Though they are suitable for doing small laundry, they are still useful. They work the same as any other machines and clean your clothes effectively.

Can I use a liquid detergent in a portable washer?

Yes, you can use a liquid detergent in portable water. Well, a liquid detergent is the best way of cleaning clothes in a mini machine. It washes your clothes effectively without taking much effort.

How many gallons does a portable washing machine need?

A portable washing machine takes up four gallons of water per cubic foot. You can do small amounts of laundrywith this much amount of water.


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